Positive thoughts to match

There were a few days left for the DKNY logo competition selection deadline. Though I knew the answer already I would still open my Gmail daily to see if I’d received a winning response. My inbox predictably was always empty apart from a few marketing emails that ended up in the trash unopened.

On the day of the selection, I remained positive, regardless of the results. Participating meant more to me than winning. I was happy to have my creative motivation back and very pleased with my overall design, especially after a year’s pause away from drawing. While I did draw single line portraits here and there those billion (plus) seconds never logged them in. So all my attention fell onto this brief with fresh eyes and a fearless mind. 

Appraising the winning artworks, inwardly congratulating all the participants. I must say one chosen artwork really did catch my attention, for me the idea was fantastic. I liked and admired the final pieces as I scrolled down to the bottom of the never-ending page (secretly in search of my work). When I finally stumbled across mine, I halted the scroll and felt a little honoured, happy to be amongst some awesome designs. In my opinion talent as well as courage really should be celebrated. 

Currently, I’m working on my second competition. As well as reading How The Secret Changed My Life by Rhonda Byrne. The fifth sequel and as I did with the other four I happily tucked it into my bag ready to take every journey. Since turning the front cover I’ve not been able to put the book down unless I need to. Within a fews days I’ve already read past the halfway mark. What I’m reading is heartwarming stories of how people turned their lives around by making positive changes to their everyday lives. I’m a great believer in positive thoughts and that we create our own reality. I analysed my actions and how I was feeling before and after the DKNY selection date. I was enacting the way anyone who believed in the law of attraction would behave, yet my thoughts were functioning contradictingly. While I was happy I had participated I still picked out faults and pointed at the things I wanted to change.

Time for me to match positive actions with positive thoughts.

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