A renewed sense of energy

It’s a (not so) bright summer day. Pouring myself a fresh cup of mint and ginger tea, to begin my day the right way. I take my hot beverage out to the garden to accompany nature’s inhabitants. Enjoying my (quarter of the) rainbow drink under the presence of the sun (keeping myself well out of the shade) and with my current book. I’m on to the fifth sequel of The Secret and immensely gratified just as I was the first time I read the original. 

Almost reaching the end of the book, the teachings are once again hot on my mind and have got me plotting more goals, writing pages and pages of gratitude lists. Manifesting small things, my faith has increased greatly as have the number of used notebooks. Completely motivated in filling them in, I treated myself to a fancy little notebook. Classy affirmations, written in my best handwriting. I have made it my mission to keep writing until my heart’s content, my pen hasn’t left the paper.

The excitement, however, doesn’t end the minute I close my glamorous notebook. A couple of weeks ago I discovered a new Youtuber. I really am loving these by chance discoveries. Her name is Dr Naza Nalani. Naza is a Professor of Psychology, a scientist by training, with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and a Master’s in Behavioral Neuroscience. What repeatedly draws me to her videos is her calmness and her researched-based knowledge. In her last video “blocked or stuck manifesting” she shared a powerful exercise to boost manifestation believability. Though I already believe in manifesting, I still decided to take part in the exercise, twice in fact. Both times to my amazement it worked. I even asked a friend to do it and to no surprise for me within a day it worked for her too. However, this was just a small beginners exercise. So I opted to up my level to intermediate and ask for something grander. Though it was a difficult one, I removed all doubt from my mind and trusted it would happen somehow, no questions asked. On the second last day (the manifestation is given seven days to work), testing me much, I’m pleased to say it worked.

I know the above sounds confusing so please do watch the video.

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