Am I drinking enough water?

My skin is screaming no and it shows. No matter how many squirts of moisturiser I put on from three drops to five pence size, the dehydration won’t fade for any branded cream, expensive or not. I’m two plus litres of water a day away from fleeing the Sahara and getting closer to lustrous clear skin. 

I was immensely shocked when I looked at my skin this morning after patting on every step from my skincare regime. I didn’t miss anything out, my chrism squad from serum to SPF were all lined up neatly and were used in their correct order. Yet after all the minutes spent massaging in each product, my skin looked tired and dry, regardless of how much cream sat on top of it. Nothing was sinking in or doing what the packaging says. What I saw was telling me changes to my diet needed to be made ASAP. Setting a slick healthy lifestyle has strictly re-entered my daily self-care goals. Fruits, veg and water are back to ruling my day. 

Passing on the typical accessories, the newest ware I’m interested in is a practical and reusable water bottle. A creative vessel for my H20, that is sustainable and prevents plastic waste, saying goodbye to single uses (no more throwaways). Though I’m not looking to tot my cold beverage in anything too fancy, £100 water bottles are not drawing me in. Hydration is a must-have without the plush price tag, anything that doesn’t leak will do. Whenever my friends see me the first thing they spot is a water bottle that’s not too far away. The curvaceous silhouette will either be in my hand, sticking out of my bag or resting on any flat surface when I’m not drinking or bothered to hold it. 

The beneficial facts about drinking eight glasses of water have been around forever. But are hardly followed through every single day. For myself, I can say the lack of consumption shows on my skin. I have seen firsthand what drinking litres of water can do and the results are remarkable. Apart from the skin (which gives away the biggest hints) our body’s overall well being depends on optimal hydration, this goes from organ function and hormone balance to nourished skin and healthy hair.

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