These boots are made for walking

Sending greetings to August and silently praying for another heat wave before autumn skips in. This much-awaited summer strolled in like a phantasy, pushing aside bleak spring. The days just slipped right through like a sand timer. Each grit ferrying all that I had achieved and am thankful for. 

I have insensibly fallen into the habit of walking for hours out of my love for nature. I’d leave the house at midday and return in the afternoon. The shifting colours of daylight have been kind, though sunset is kinder. The incessant treading wearing away the heels of my shoes. Can only mean one thing. I need a bigger collection of shoes. From comfortable trainers to exquisite boots. For those casual or brisk strolls over rough and smooth paths.

Sole searching for the new black shade. Running through open tabs like a 21st century Cinderella. The never-ending restlessness each time a tab was closed in vain, almost had me halting my quest. Until a High Street brand (Next – my favourite store) pulled through with some beige boots. Thank you Next. That’s just what I wanted. I found three pairs that looked great (in the images) and have the right length in heels. I’m not picky but I know what I like. I can hear the clanks my footsteps will make over disparate grounds. Already visualising walking in these boots to various stops on fine evenings.

It always was and always will be ankle boots for me, no matter what season it is or what trend is walking the ramps. They’re sturdy, stylish and the sheer dib between dressing down for the day or dressing up for the night. Worn with anything from jeans to skirts. Easily a staple for my wardrobe. 

Boot shopping, oh go on then.

*All three boots are from Next

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