Flowers are a girl’s best friend.

Give me a large bouquet of flowers and I’ll paint my house with all their prettiness. Flowers don’t arrive unexpectedly at my door, I invite the short term guests over, to stay for as long as they possibly can. These small joys help patch up snags of worry.

Searching for faux bouquets online, I only clicked on one link, Fox Flowers. Upon entering the website my gaze first fell upon the Fox Flowers eye-catching homepage heading. Lured in, I then proceeded to go over the menu listing, a little baffled to see the option Dried Flowers written in capital letters. This was a genre I’m not used to seeing. Hovering the mouse over the title, a sub dropdown menu appeared. Clicking on the option Dried Flower Bundles and Arrangements, I was taken to a page filled with a variety of dried flower compositions. Introducing me to a whole new theme of pretty. I could’ve clicked on Load More to take me through to the next page, but the first twelve images were enough for me to fall head over heels for dried flower bouquets.

Aside from the professional shots, there was something uniquely special about dried flowers. Though I’m late at espying their artisan display, I’m not surprised by their archival discoveries. Ancient Egyptians used dried flowers to make fragrances and cosmetics. The Japanese turned dried flowers into an art technique called Oshibana by pressing flowers. While the Victorians used them as deep necklaces and to express feelings.

When flowers dry, their erstwhile shape begins to transition and inherits a new altered structure. A long-lasting contour with a neoteric texture and muted colour. Some florists organically dye dry flowers to inject hints of vibrancy to their everlasting appearance. Another component used is Glycerin. The stem absorbs the glycerin keeping it soft and supple for a longer time span.

Artfully curating a dried flower bouquet is a craft and a half. I applaud those that professionally transform a cluster of tired blooms into a natural showpiece. The key is to pick the stems wisely. Once the flowers are chosen and make it to the vase, they’ll prettily sit in their forever home for weeks on end, without any added aftercare. Simply keep them out of direct sunlight and humid conditions.

At Liberty London, I picked up a small batch of baby pink bunny tails. Pink being my favourite colour, I couldn’t evidently resist not snapping up a picture. A photo for the memory feed was a must-have.

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