Morning goals

Healing through books is really making me a little permissive and conscious of the present. Currently, my mind is busy planting new seeds and the majority of them happen to be sowed in front of my bedroom mirror. I’ve blue-tacked half my vision board to the borders of my mirror, at eye level, where they’re easy for me to see every morning. It’s here that I spend time getting ready, whether that’s going through my skincare regime, doing my makeup, blow drying my hair or checking my outfit. My gaze always falls on the Polaroid images. Pondering for a couple of seconds on each goal, I concentrate on some more than others. It’s those extra beats that clarify the order of my goals, although they’re all a priority my heart knows what’s coming first.

It’s opposite the mirror where I jot down my daily affirmations and let out my negative thoughts by writing them on a piece of paper. I didn’t pick this spot for some feng shui reason. I live in an Edwardian (style) house, though well built they’re as small as they come. Plus this location happens to make perfect sense. At times I’ll compliment myself, make mentions of how clear my skin looks or how nicely my hair blow-dried today. I’ll remind myself of the amazing job I’m doing or admire my strength and encourage myself to continue being strong and so on. The first time I started complimenting myself was a huge shock to me because I meant every word of it. Over Facebook messaging my friends and I would give each other self-positivity tips long before self-help books became popular. The one thing I was told to try was to look at my reflection every morning and say “I love you” and “I will have a great day”. Without laughing, questioning or calling this idea odd, I did this every morning. When I began personalising the statements, I’d give myself the one compliment I as a 20-something would like to hear “I look nice today”, my face would beam hearing those four words, I’d smile from ear to ear, feeling a great sense of gratitude and happiness wash over me.

I’ve mentioned my morning routine with affirmations many times before. I don’t mind sounding like a broken record. I’ll continue to repeat the importance of singing one’s own praise or speaking kind words to yourself. These simple acts of mindful self-compassion make a world of difference. They really bring out an astounding sense of peace. Once bliss is felt I never want to turn away from it. 

It only takes a few minutes a day to repeat positive affirmations or to smile at myself. In many of the books I’ve read so far the same line keeps coming up: we attract what we are.

*Notice how I used to say “I look nice today”, that phrase has now changed, I’m no longer shy of using stronger words, I now tell myself “I look great today” or “that’s a pretty look”. 

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