Seeking peace in a world full of worries

With September here, I want to make the most of what I can this month. September’s already coming through with a heatwave and I’m enjoying every minute of being in the presence of the burning sun. Spending afternoons in the garden carving out some quiet time.

A couple of days ago I was back in the hairdresser’s seat once again re-toning my hair as I couldn’t get used to the caramelized colour or wait weeks before I’d start seeing more of my natural tone peering through. Worrying myself unnecessarily over opinions I was reading online, did me no good. Apart from sleepless nights, the worrying got me nowhere. Like veins, I was connecting one negative thought with another. Unable to see the bigger picture. That was until I met with my main stylist who gave me professional advice and reassured me thoroughly about what the toner would do and the natural ingredients it contained. And, from that moment on it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

Now able to process my thoughts, this minor occurrence made me wonder about all the previous times I’ve missed out on things, was in a blue mood or have wasted time due to unnecessary worrying. Following a number of positive quote accounts on Instagram, I’m often running into quotes that advise you not to believe negative thoughts or you are not your thoughts. Despite the marathon of pastel-coloured tips, I still fall back. 

The source of worrying is stemmed from fear. Taking my most recent experience as an example, I was overcome with the fear of further damaging my hair and having to live with a colour I thought didn’t suit me, regardless of everyone else around me saying they liked it. I just couldn’t see what they saw. I’d tell myself it will suit me when it grows, but how long do I have to wait, because I can’t wait that long. I was worrying or should I say fearing over something I was unfamiliar with and had no knowledge of. The more time I spent not getting the right answers, the more my thoughts exaggerated the outcome. It’s just going to get brassier, I’m stuck with a shade I don’t like, I have to clip my hair back for the next 3 months. 

While fearing the unknown is natural. Solely focusing on the results triggers dicey thoughts, a recipe for stress and anxiety. It’s just like walking on thin ice. Going forward, no matter how hard it can be, I will seek to echo loudly positive thoughts, listen to the first calm and sensible ones (write them down if need be) and let life proceed serenely. Before the “what if” thoughts kick in. Whilst trying not to fret over things I have no clue about or control over.

Once the toning process was over I sighed the biggest breath of relief after seeing my hair with brown balayage. My peace of mind radiated on the outside with the happiest of smiles and a silent “oh my God, I love it”. My hairstylist laughed and told me not to worry, my choice of shade was noted. 

A deep sense of freedom was felt after escaping my thoughts. Learning from this and other experiences I will seek to pursue the right outcome.

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