Wearing layers for summer

After a few days of humidity, the bolts of lightning begin to strike. Lashing out bright sparks across the scope. The excitement of lounging in the park has been soaked away by slick dripping grass.

While I wholeheartedly love summer and call it my favourite time of the year. Dressing for this season isn’t my forte. Wearing tiers of tops is when my personal style really comes through. It’s the amity that’s held between comfort and aesthetics. I like both equally on a good day and a lazy day. The latter surpasses on most days.

With my sense of style changing almost all the time now, no outfit is ever the same. The combination of tops and trousers/ or skirts carousel in opposite directions. Sharing my latest digs I’m now pairing light polo necks with sleeveless tops. I was in H&M when I picked up a black sleeveless top., a first for me as I don’t normally wear sleeveless tops. I didn’t put it back on the rack after checking the price tag. Liking everything about it, I needed to find something to merge it with. A couple of racks later my search came to a halt, I found a lightweight polo neck. 

The two pieces together can take me from early starts at work to afternoon (coffee) drinks with friends. I like the loose tucked look the sleeveless tops create. I can tuck them in tightly or leave a little to flow out, emphasizing the silhouette. It’s always about the waistline. This is a sequence I can carry through to autumn. The polo necks of course will get thicker with the weather. 

Who knew something that once seemed scruffy to fashion will now make me feel more put together. Well, it did the first day I wore this combo. I was back in H&M to see if I could find any more colours. As I was there I saw a couple of girls looking in my direction. Thinking nothing of it and putting it down to me blocking their vision from something behind me. I stepped away and continued to browse. I then overheard a small part of their conversation. A sweet agreement after “I like her style”. That was all I needed to hear. The approval was noted with a blushing glow.

Girls praising girls gets a hundred hearts from me.

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