Where has the time gone?

On the fifth hour of a Friday afternoon. While many may be making plans on going to the bar or coffee shops to enjoy after-work drinks (cold or hot). I’m back to lounging on my chair enjoying moments of precious silence. 

Earlier today I visited Stratford Westfield and noticed the centre of each atrium was adorned with huge pastel and gold coloured balloons. I thought to myself like the department stores Harrods and Liberty, Westfield must be getting ready for an early festive cheer. However, it wasn’t until someone handed me a little Lola’s cupcake box that I learned Stratford Westfield turns ten this weekend. 

The big one-oh is being celebrated a little differently and at the same time a little similarly. Like the rest of us did in 2020 Westfield is having a quiet birthday, but not letting its visitors leave empty-handed.

Carrying my delicious goodie bag away, a thought occurred to me as it may have too many others, I can’t believe it’s been a decade since Westfield opened a branch in East London. Looking back one may question where has that time gone? The narratives between the then and now are like chalk and cheese. I can still remember the crowds in the early days, when the doors first opened and how I used to avoid the business of Stratford at all costs. Whereas now I’m here pretty much all the time. On my days off from work, I occupy a table at Costa for hours with my laptop. As do many other coffee drinkers who are working from home. I enjoy the casual, office atmosphere that’s created. Even though there’s zero communication apart from the odd “sorry, could you watch my bag please while I…”. 

Once again I’m taken back to the question where did the time go? As I attempt to answer that one many more pop up. What Costa would I have gone to if Westfield wasn’t here? What have I been doing all these years? Am I happy to be where I am? And best of all, where do I see myself in ten years? actually, let’s make that five years. An idea for a goal letter in the opening.

The answer to the second last question is Yes.

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