Taking my time to enjoy time

When the chapter of February 2020 came to a swift end with it, so did the normality that I once knew. Reality took a u-turn, completely rerouting from the direction it was heading. The journey I was involuntarily put on changed my perspective on life and everything about it ever so dramatically. Nature became my bestest friend. My gratitude elevated adequately up the ramp parallel to a steep slope. And, as for time I view and appreciate it a whole lot differently to pre-2020. 

I’m working in reverse mode, having had the biggest setback and/ or eyeopener, to bring back the pluses and remove the minuses. Throughout the whole experience, time was the only element I did not use as well as I should have. I took it for granted, blamed it for my problems, tried to outrun it, wished it would go faster so the days would just count themselves away, but now I cherish it for those moments of stillness. 

Time and I have now become friends. That regret is no longer shadowing over me. We have an understanding relationship, plus a lot of making up to do. Well, I do. If the past two years (2020 and 2021) have taught me anything, then it is to stay calm, have faith and to breathe. If I can learn to do that, then I have some control over my own feelings. This is where my appreciation for lockdown comes in. Though I couldn’t see it a few months back. The isolation gave me the strength to tackle the negativity harbouring in the darkest corners of my mind. Clearing those dim corridors. 

Having steered the wheel back into the right direction. Regardless of starting from scratch or the beginning, I’m still blessed to have time beside and ahead of me. I may be retracing the same journey, but I do so cherishing all the prosaic things of everyday life: acknowledging more and more the beauty of nature. Falling in love with flowers every time I glance at them. The way hot chocolate tastes in the morning just before I start work. 

The path I’m taking starts with being kinder to myself. There is strength behind the calm.

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