What am I blogging about

One late afternoon in 2018. Sitting at my computer with a hot beverage in one hand and holding the mouse with the other, I had the wordpress homepage open for longer than it needed to be. All I did was sip on hot chocolate and look at the site over the rim of my mug. Waiting as though a message of encouragement would appear suddenly on the screen saying “you can do it”. With only my mind to cheer me on and after some nervous contemplation I clicked on the unmissable ‘create website’ button glued boldly to the centre of the page. I proceeded by tapping my way through the registration process (passed), typed in my chosen name and uploaded. Blame it on Art was born. Once the long nitty gritty part was over. I was ready to begin the tougher bit of blogging, writing and sharing.

Fast forward to 2021, here I am heartily telling everyone who’s interested in listening without exaggerating a loud yawn, “Would you like to see my blog”. Luckily (and thankfully) all the replies have been “yes”. Blameitonart.com was a way for me to start all over again from scratch. The past three years have seen plenty of de novo (new) moments. Apart from my website/ blog name, everything about my style from the art to the outlook of the site has changed. Being a witness to my own work, my writing has improved a great deal. And I thank the world of blogging for this. Oh sure, I wince at my earlier posts, whereas now I’ll say to myself “I wrote that”. 

Blogging sent me back to school. Got me sitting up straight at the desk studying again, re-opening textbooks for research. Taught me a new subject, Self-confidence. Demure me would never have shared art, thoughts or feelings with anyone apart from two friends. However, here in my digital classroom setting, I share all my chapters. Counting on my finger there’s my beauty loving side, a stylist who’s continuously revamping her wardrobe, an artist who is forever creating, a mental health activist and the traveller who can’t sit in one place. During all these writing moods, I’d log onto my blog every morning, night, during lunch breaks and whilst travelling to and back from work. I would write or read till my heart’s content. As I did so I discovered more blogs, written by people who shared my thoughts and had the same interests as me. My “I’m not the only one” thoughts gave me the encouragement to continue. I became a part of a wide community that stretched out across the sea to cities I had never heard of but now held a connection with.

As I sit here and write this post, I will say I’ve still got a little way to go due to the lack of images. I’m not quite there with sharing daily adventures. I just never pull out my phone to take outfit images, when I shop at Next, I don’t document hauls or point the camera at food plates, I’ll devour the food without a dinner table photoshoot. As someone who loves and has studied photography, I really am slacking and way behind the picture trend. But as they say, it’s better late than never.

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