Diary of a (I’m in a hurry to get to work) rusher: 24/09/21

During my hour-long bus journey into work, I always sit on the top deck and by the window. The ride is broken down into stages, part of my attention is taken by reading a book and the other is lost to deep thought. This week as the days went by I spent little time reading more time looking out the window. Passing by various trees, some filled with plump berries and cherries, I watched the slow transition of autumn take shape. Changing silently, the first few leaves had already begun to turn bright yellow. They’re easy to spot, dotted in between the vibrant shade of green. I watched some leaves let go of their branches and slowly fall to the ground as the trees blew in the wind. Crispier air had now replaced the little blaze of warmth summer 2021 offered, encouraging early nights in cuddled up with a good book. But with shorter evenings, can 7 pm really be considered as being early? 

Briskier winds always remind me of tiny garden birds sitting hidden on tree branches. As I looked out for them and only found pigeons, my attention turned towards the time displayed on my phone. The minutes were ticking by but the bus was unmoving. Roadworks had really slowed the traffic down to an almost halt but had my heart beating faster than the wheels were turning. Anticipating the outcome of being late for work. All I could do was sit back and wait, remembering my advice to myself about staying calm, not worrying about things I had no idea about or control over. I kept my phone in my hand ready to call my manager with a short “I might be a little late” message. However, after a few minutes and some gradual bumper to bumper movement, I luckily got to put my phone back in my handbag, undialed. We had finally passed the extra traffic lights that had single-lined a two-way road and were back on the move on an open, clearer path. 

Despite the minor panic, I arrived at work earlier than expected, with a few minutes to spare to make myself a lovely cup of hot chocolate. Removing the worry of tardiness out of my mind, the moment I clocked in at work it was all systems go.

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