Diary of a self investor

Autumn’s early journeys to work are a little different in comparison to its hotter counterpart. Like the wind, gone are the brighter mornings and a single layer of clothing. As Robert Frost says “nothing gold can stay”. 

I now begin the day by wrapping a woollen shawl around my shoulders (not quite ready to reach for my coat) and wait for the bus with half a dozen school kids in various uniforms. Their huge backpacks always gives me a back to school feeling, ready to start a new year despite having graduated a long time ago. My almost tiny handbag, carrying nothing except a few essentials, becomes invisible, but then again I have a second bag that contains my book and water bottle in it. So I guess we have something in common apart from the fact that my book is based on The Secret. Their chatter takes over the quietness of the bus. The backdrop of homework and science lessons lasts only for a few stops and then I’m doused in complete silence. 

It’s not such a bad thing to feel like I’m starting over again. I welcome the idea of going back to school had the degrees and/ or masters been a little more affordable. However, I will not let one minor detail stop me from pursuing a zillion dreams. There’s always the option of short courses and free online modules to study different subjects, learn new skills and re-explore education. I’m continuously in bookshops (Foyles and Waterstones) purchasing and reading more books on genres I love and have no clue about. My interests have run from one theme to another. My mini Ikea bookshelf will conquer that. It’s seen days of photography, art and design books to travel, self-healing, reiki and yoga. 

Last but not least each new term recalls buying new clothes, right. I may not be studying but that thought will never change. Trips to Stratford Westfield, browsing through online shops, searching every category on the sale list is all a part of the newness. To think about returning back to school is a way of me investing in myself, taking a new direction in life. I’ve always believed we never stop learning. 

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