Diary of a (I could do with a break) meditator

I took an unexpected short break from the blog and it feels like I’ve been away forever. I have too many incompleted blog posts and ideas to last me not a lifetime but two weeks. I was away with a notebook scribbling away with my worst ever handwriting, one that can only be seen by me and the dustbin. I wrote away unwanted thoughts that were living in my mind rent-free. It’s the only way I know-how.

I was feeling like the calm in me was leaving, packing its bags and floating away. In what direction I have no idea. I just let it drift in the foggy, cloudy air above my head. All I knew was I had some work to do to bring it back. And to do that I simply grabbed my notebook and made lists, shopping lists, goal lists, book reading lists, meditation lists and so on. Pleased that my gazillion notebooks were coming in handy.

I made a list of places to do reiki in London and consulted Google search to help me with the process. There was a magazine post titled top 10 places for reiki in London. Curious little me clicked on the link to see if any of the ten matched my price and picky range. I didn’t want anything overly expensive but still brought out the chill in me. One name that rang out to me was re:mind studios. The short description and £30 per session pricing had me doing some further investigation. This time through social media. With 27000 followers on Instagram, it’s fair to say I will be joining the many meditators in booking my first session. Watch this space.

I was indeed happy with my discoverance and shared the link with every other person. The idea is to expand outside self-help books, motivational videos and do the actual work in the right setting, with good energy. It’s important to me that I put in the leg work.

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