Diary of a (I’ll treat myself to an Aveda Chakra spray) shopper 

A couple of weeks ago I received a £10 Liberty London voucher through the post. I was in every mood to spend it but had no idea on what. A couple of weeks ago I received a £10 Liberty London voucher through the post. I was in every mood to spend it but had no idea on what. Makeup or skincare was my only budgeting option. I was pretty sure some eyeshadow or mascara would catch my eye, makeup always did. However, that wasn’t what my voucher was spent on. The next day I was told about Aveda’s chakra body mists by my manager. Hearing the word chakra (meaning wheel) and loving all things meditative. Good energy in a can, I know, I know, but I was still sold. Scent molecules travel directly to our brain and stimulate emotional senses, infusing a sense of calm. With one trillion different smells travelling to our nose, I’d like to contribute with ones that make me feel happy.

On my break, I headed straight to the Aveda counter in Liberty to pick one bottle from their seven options. Displayed in a single rainbow array with fragranced lids and short descriptions. I smelt each lid and read each descriptive card a number of times. A couple of the fragrances were not my cup of tea, narrowing my options. I felt inclined towards three and had to pick one. Taking the sales assistant’s advice of picking the one “I was most drawn to” or “called out to me”. After some debating between the three, I was soon down two, until I finally culled out my favourite one (intention) and had it bagged before I could change my mind.

Since bringing the chakra spray home I’ve been spraying it on my body almost every day. Always inhaling the first few seconds of the mist as it evaporates. The best thing about it, it’s not that big, can fit into a bag and be sprayed as and when. Now you can’t light a candle anywhere and everywhere. The one I picked is an essential blend of lavender (which can easily be distinguished), fir balsam, lemon and other essential flowers. The label is designed with an orange outlined candle. Orange represents the centre chakra. I chose this one for its soothing fragrance and meaning. The centre stimulates our intentions, desires and self-expression is based. 

My aim is to achieve the right inner balance, to achieve goals, self-confidence and motivation. At times despite all the mindful practises and meditations I do struggle to keep my focus and am influenced by chaotic daily stresses. Therefore I fail to raise my vibration and kick away negative energy. It benefits me to explore different ways that will help me clear any blockages, refresh my mood and refocus.

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