Diary of a (I need more black outfits) shopper

As if I can have enough black outfits. Since returning to work in April, my dress sense has become a little too relaxed, in other words, casual in boots. My question is: can comfortable be merged with fashionable and chic? For me personally, the answer is yes. I’ve always been one to prioritise comfort over glamour. Ever since I tortured my feet with a few hours of wearing heels and the aftermath of blisters, I never looked at another pair of heels the same way again.

So here I am trying to glide through life without limping. Wherever I go, work especially, I wish to move about comfortably. With that in mind and payday here I did a little shopping at H&M for its affordable prices and Next for its amazing sales. The haul was a little retail (temporary) therapy. A minusing distraction on life and outfit readjusting stresses. I brought all black tops. A shock to the neutral tones. Like ticking off a checklist, that’s all I was shopping for. Black-tops that feel comfortable and look chic, basically glam on the go. When I got them home and laid them on my bed one by one, I looked over each top. Apart from one top that will be returned, I believe I achieved just what I sought out to do. My new tops are a mixture between cotton and chiffon, loose and fitted, smart and basic. An unbinding diversity. 

Fashion falls under the fine zone of creative expression. Unknowingly this is merely done by reinventing styles, reviving something from two years and pairing it with a newcomer. Being a creative person I use my wardrobe to continuously explore quick everyday looks that cater for waking up late for work, coffee dates with the girls, long walks (this has become a thing) and still has me looking presentable. I achieve this by playing around with colour, patterns, fits and my favourite self-love affirmations. My fast picked garbs are anything but a coincidence. It’s knowing and learning what top will flatteringly go with what skirt or trousers. 

I will admit selecting the right outfit can be a little challenging for me. Especially on the occasions when I feel like I have nothing to wear on a memorable day out, despite having a wardrobe full of clothes (now who hasn’t been there). However, aside from all the ups and downs, fashion is still burgeoning every single day. There are designer’s who will keep creating unseen and unthought of garments. And, I’m forever keen on the renaissance of seeking newness and experimentation. Collecting sample ideas of the catwalk, Instagram and Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a (I need more black outfits) shopper

  1. Since I’ve always been so short, I’ve pretty much worn heels all my life, especially when going out with friends. During the past year, with covid, I haven’t worn heels at all! Now that I’m starting to wear heels again, my feel at just not used to it anymore. It’s been the worst trying to break my feet into wearing heels again. I love how I look in heels, and as long as they aren’t too uncomfortable, I’ll keep wearing them, aha! xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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