Diary of a (I think I’ll treat myself to a GHD hairdryer) shopper

Back in 2001, my hair straightening game changed overnight and for the better. I no longer had to enquire about hair appliances from the USA. The UK salon shelves had been taken by storm when a brand new hair straightener hit the market. Its orange, ceramic plates became the talk of the stylist town. The shine it left behind was featured in all the top magazines (long before Facebook). I too wanted my hair to look like the tried and tested ‘after’ pictures and so I treated myself to a GHD hair straightening iron. This was the best (physicists, material scientists, product designers and hair specialists) collaboration I’ve ever known.

Two decades later I’ve once again turned to GHD for another styling tool. This time taking my hair blowout to the next level. I gave my BaByliss hairdryer to my (teenage) niece. It was time I said goodbye to something I had owned for years and welcomed a positive new change in the shape of a GHD hairdryer. 

Searching for the best hair dryer had been on the top of my beauty checklist for a while. Right in time for the bleak weather. I had told my niece not to buy a hairdryer, as I had made my mind up on giving her mine, long before purchasing one. I needed some time to probe the internet before making an investment. My goal was to lessen the hairstyling chore with something that would speed up the drying time efficiently. As a naturally curly-haired girl who likes to wear her hair (A-line bob) short, I can and will say I dislike blow-drying. 

I looked almost everywhere from Boots to Instagram and watched YouTube tutorials on the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. This wasn’t going to be any old hairdryer. I wanted one that gave a salon-worthy finish. No pressure. Regardless of all the investigating in the back of my mind, only one name called out to me. I turned to the brand I had fangirled over for years. I knew they would give me my desired look (at home) in record time and with less damage: GHD. 

I ordered mine from Next. After the first usage, it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of my new powerful hairdryer. On a plus, it is lighter than my previous hairdryer, less bulky (meaning no more arm ache) and has a slimmer nozzle. Sectioning my hair has changed. I no longer have to go over the same strand too repetitively. Whichever way I wrap my hair around the brush the curve follows effortlessly. With a variable power and temperature control, I’m only a flick away from sleeky, bouncy hair with little to no frizz and flyaways.

The strands no longer stand out.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a (I think I’ll treat myself to a GHD hairdryer) shopper

  1. congrats on the new blowdryer! It’s so life changing when you get a good one. Right now I’m using the Revlon brush blowdyer, but I’m thinking of upgrading to something that’s a little healthier for my hair. I also have curly hair, so I definitely get the struggle. Especially since I like how I look with straight hair as well! Glad to hear you love it so much xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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