Diary of a (I’ll give chair yoga a try) learner

Like every other morning, today was no different. I reached for my gratitude journal and jotted down all that I was grateful for. Half of what I wrote was a repetition from Yesterday and the day before it. My thankfulness is for everything I am blessed to have. From the roof over my head to the tap with running water, from my comfortable pillow to the blanket that keeps me warm in the winter. I began by writing the line I am happy and grateful for a blessed new day, filled with beautiful new opportunities that are unbeknown to me. I leave behind yesterday’s worries.

Today was certainly a day for newness. I looked forward to the 7th hour, unlike any other this one was going to be different. On most days I’d usually reach for my book and a bar of Galaxy chocolate, today, however, I detoured all that and I picked up my phone instead. The happy in a comfort-zone-me had signed up for a Zoom chair yoga class. Stepping out of my solid bubble, this was the very first time I bravely tried any sort of yoga. Naturally, my nerves and I were very excited to take part in a wellness ritual. That would help give my mind a kick start to calmness and dedicate some time to being present. I got myself prepared for class with a little essential oil. Picking up my bottle of lavender essential oil (mixed with a base oil) I rubbed a little onto my neck to help relax one of my senses.

We began by taking a few breaths and did a short warm-up of the muscles and joints. Luckily for me, this session was beginners level worthy. So my mind and limbs rested assured the poses were not going to be too split-style flexible, back-clicking or bone-poppingly difficult. I learned using the chair as a prop whilst moving and stretching the upper half of my body was/ is very beneficial for breathwork and meditation, as I usually sit on the floor whilst meditating. My posture remained the same, I only motioned my arms with gentle movements that imitated the teacher’s coordination. I didn’t worry about losing my balance or falling off. Sitting on a chair kept me grounded and in place. 

For thirty minutes I gave full concentration to my breath. It was the most peaceful feeling ever.

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