Diary of a (in search for the right blazer) shopper

It was in the late ’90s to early 20s when shrugs were last seen in fashion. They were certainly a must-have for my short sleeve outfits. But just as they went out of fashion, they also made their way out of my wardrobe. After years of some sales on eBay, Amazon and Ali Baba, they’ve returned to the store racks and have made a presence on fast fashion pages. While I’m excited about their re-arrival, there’s one timeless staple I wish would make a major return: cropped peplum blazers.

Blazers have always been given plenty of cupboard space hanging squashed or spread out in their twos or threes in every basic colour black, white, beige and blue. Being petite I can’t just wear any old regular blazer that’s advertised from in-store to Instagram. I need to delve deeper. The blazer that has my back is cropped, shoulder-padless and has the right sleeve length. I can not and will not go for the oversized borrowed look. While I’m hoping the peplum jacket makes a swift comeback, I by chance spotted a cropped jacket hanging up on the H&M racks. This really did stop me in my tracks. It wasn’t the one that I’m after but that’s a start right. If this sells well more will follow. *Fingers crossed*

My quest for a cropped black jacket to wear at work has been ongoing for a while. I’m ardent towards wearing flared skirts as I find them very flattering and they take me an inch closer to looking effortlessly smart. All I need to complete the look is a blazer. Seeing fashionistas like Nada Adelle (whose style I absolutely love) on 21buttons.com elegantly and casually styling blazers always rekindles my mission. At times I do check the shared links in hope that there will be a cropped counterpart somewhere in the listings, but the clicks so far have been fruitless.

I currently have three cropped blazers hanging neatly in my wardrobe, they were all brought some while ago when there was a craze and crave for shorter jackets. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy enough. Now looking back and feeling nostalgic over my Miss Selfridges wishlist, I regret not filling up my (online) basket. If only I had purchased a peplum jacket in more than one style and colour, ideally black. Three is just not enough. 

The thing about blazers is If I ever need to spruce up an outfit with great chic-ness, it’s the cropped blazer that I will reach for. They’re aesthetically perfect for any look from smart to casual, day to night, with and without trying extra hard, I just pretend I put some effort in. The tailoring with the flattering dimensions always helps.

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