Diary of a (finding simple joys to romanticise life) wanderer

The days are getting colder by the degree. I almost forgot how chilly winter could get. Due to the triple lockdowns, I only got three weeks of freedom (plus the hourly walks) last winter. Feeling the brisk chills has me rethinking the season I try to escape each year. 2021 has been a year of starting all over again. Rethinking life, remodelling thoughts, rehealing worries, rekindling joy.

One of the things I find enjoyable about winter is that aside from the glittery festive lights, I get to haul out and live in oversized comfortable jumpers. As snug as a bug in a rug, I should and want to romanticise every part of life in the cosiest way ever. Could relearning this winter bring forth all the missing charms, I say yes. And, as I do, the picture I’m visualising in my mind has holiday bells ringing. I see myself in a countryside cabin wrapped up tightly in a woollen cardigan, the sleeves stretched over my fingers as I hold a large cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows dunked in. I’m sat by an old fireplace, watching the logs burn and crackle under the fiery flames. I have a novel resting on my lap. 

The dream is beautiful, but back to reality, my hour is spent walking by the water. I’m warmed up by my camel coat, the chills haven’t stopped me from sitting by the canal, although the darker evenings have cut my days short by more than a half. It’s early risings and early wanderings for me. I can’t sit and wait for the moon to come out. 

I have my book with me and every time I look up from my book my gaze falls on the same water sculpture in the shape of a giant crayon. There are plenty of crayon sculptures here, but this one, in particular, keeps catching my eye thanks to the bird sitting on it. I look to see if he’s still there and wonder who will be the first to leave, me or him. Being the one with cold hands I think we both know the answer to that. There’s only so much warmth my gloves can give. 

The cutest thing about my birdwatching is, I noticed a guy walking his dog stop in his tracks to take a picture of the very same bird. While the bird was just resting he grabbed enough attention. Unbeknown to him I find it wonderful how nature and animals show us or better yet teach us to slow down and enjoy the simpler things.

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