Romanticising life with a Neom candle

Entering my unlit room one of my senses was kindly greeted by the fragrance that was trying to escape the closed box. While I couldn’t see anything but dark outlines, I stopped to take a deep breath enjoying the smell leftover from my unlit Neom candle that had been burning a few hours earlier. The moment lasted seconds but had me believing this is what cosy days and nights of winter are made for. No cold or warm day for that matter should go by without a candle being lit. 

I burn candles long before I begin meditating to create a relaxing atmosphere, allowing the natural aura of jasmine to linger enjoyably in the air. The wax melting ritual has a special role to play in my self-care routine, which I must add varies each time, depending on what the day has or is offering. The only thing that remains the same throughout is my need for a beautiful ambience. Watching the flickering flame dance to no beat really does romanticize a part of life. Whether that’s moments spent on the sofa listening to podcasts or on the yoga mat stretching, it’s all so cosy.

I’ve grown to become more grateful and appreciative of this time of the year. Despite the bleak weather and mainly due to it I’m continuously reminded of the blessings I have from the moment I open my eyes to the second I close them. I’ve learned to embrace everything this season has to throw my way from the temperature falling under the minus scale to the darkest afternoons, regardless of how strong the wind is blowing, I look forward to early nights indoors with zero plans to go out. New places to eat, great, I’ll order a takeaway. Meet in the city, urm can we go local instead I need to get home early. 

The festival season’s perfect evening is spent putting my slippered feet up with a book, a mug of hot chocolate and a candle burning in the background. The scents that are melted into this 100g opulent jar are some of my favourite fragrances blended into one; lavender, Brazilian rosewood and Jasmine. My one wick candle has up to 35 hours of burn time. Lighting it for at least an hour or two on most mornings gives me one or almost two months worth of enjoyment with the single wick candle.

Created by Nicola Elliot. The Neom candles were designed to keep in mind calmness and relaxation for busy lives. We all need a moment of de-stressing.

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