I can’t go a day of winter without my gloves

You know December is coming when losing one glove causes you so much grief and pain. Now I don’t want to finish this month’s last blog post with tears about the bleak weather, but one can’t help crying at the illegality of the minus sign that is showing up. On the plus side, this is the only thing that is distressing me. A lost glove.

Getting ready for work this morning, I spent an awful amount of time looking for my missing glove. The time that I didn’t have. The time that was used for an extra 5 minutes sleep (because those 300 seconds make a difference). The glove had vanished into thin air the night before. Undetected by me. I must have been so tired when I got home yesterday because I couldn’t remember where I took it off or flung it. Giving up hope I left without my gloves and wrapped my scarf around my hands. The few minutes I spent looking for the glove along with the blistering cold weather had me speed walking to the bus stop. There was no chance of me missing the bus, I’d run for the bus if I had to. My poor hands were freezing their fingers off. Frozen to the core they were no lingering shaking. Waiting under the bus shelter I looked at my frozen numb hands, my skin had turned a light shade of blue (known as Raynaud’s phenomenon). Where is this bus?

Reaching Oxford Circus Station the first stop I made was to H and M. Glove shopping was vital. After tapping out my quick purchase, I swiftly took off the tag and coated my hands before exiting the store. I was now warm enough to resume my journey to work.

Apart from all the cold, this season is offering, I have high manifesting goals for the new month. They’re as bright as the street lights I see glistening over Regent Street at 5pm. One of the reasons for me to like the shorter days is the contrasting effect the pitch-black sky has on glowing Christmas lights. Dressing the streets has been a long term tradition that I hope never ends. Seeing them always takes me back to the young days, when we used to make plans to go see the Christmas lights. This actually used to be an exciting outing. Driving under glowing lights as we stared out the window staring up as high as we could. 

Bringing my thoughts back to the present. I remind myself there is so much I have to be grateful for.

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