The walking tradition continues, I’m walking my way into 2022

A stroll isn’t a stroll without a thermal mug full of hot chocolate or mint green tea  (depending on the diet mood) to warm me up from the inside. Along with the face mask that I am beginning to love, travel mugs have become my winter walk essentials. I picked up my artistic, arts and crafts style mug from Liberty London. It was an I gotta have it at first sight kind of moment.

This month marks the beginning of my love for cold winter walks. Despite the blistering chills, the canal still attracts a few visitors, me being one of them. I’m a devotee to last and early this year’s lockdown tradition that kept me moving when life as I knew it came to a complete standstill. 

Wrapped up in extra added layers, with the many short to long sleeve tops I could get on. I crunched over fallen leaves and walked along the fringes of the canal. I found myself duck spotting. The simple refined pleasures of living in an urban city. Leaning against the cold metal railing, I looked ahead to see the construction work of a new modern building underway. While standing boldly behind me is London’s 2012 Olympic stadium. The relics of the Victorian era are stationed behind the glass planes of today. As if to say watch this space, in a decade from now the facades will once again change. The thought of this reminds me of tracing paper with architectural drawings of different epochs being stratified upon each other.

As always I was happy to be here. At my place of joy and reflection. I wanted to do nothing more than to stop and breathe in the fresh air. Standing still with time, freezing my thoughts and nose off, for that matter. To think of nothing apart from the present moment and appreciate it for all that it’s worth because believe me my present is worth a lot.

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