Just a little touch of glam

The time span spent with the sun varies between two to three hours during the winter season. Shorter days make me appreciate light and time a whole lot more than their longer counterparts. They teach me to understand and value life a little differently, despite the short day illusion and many tones of 4pm, time is limitless when it comes to self-development.

Alongside the early darkness and my face being half-covered, from nose down. My morning surface glam has dropped to the bare minimum. A few tweaks to the brows, an absolute essential. The only brushes and palettes I haul out of my fat makeup bag are for the eyes. A few swipes of eyeshadow and I’m done. A recent stye (in the eyelid) put a temporary stop to mascara and liners. My blending game should be on fleek by spring. Regardless, going to work with uncoated lashes doesn’t make me feel as bare as I thought it would. In fact, it makes me enjoy playing with makeup a whole lot more for those special occasions.

Scrolling through the contents of my makeup and finding nothing but twenty shades of brown. I wonder to myself if pops of colour are lacking from my life. Looking at my beige/ black outfit I believe the answer screams yes. However, as someone who works with colour and enjoys makeup, if I lined up all my pots of MAC eyeshadow, I’ll be able to tell you how they’re all different from each other, from the saturation to the warmness and coldness. The variance in tone really makes a difference. I personally prefer warmer red tones. And nope they don’t all look the same. Some shimmer more than others and the two browns I wear are just plain matte. Fresh eyes are all I need for the everyday look that I’m going for, effortlessly chic. Little really does go a long way. Sometimes less is more.

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