YouTube and chill

I’m free… I would sing that from the top of my lungs, but I can hear my throat saying “not too fast, slow down with the celebrating”. 

Last week really took me back to lockdown, when I was not so secretly with all my might hoping there would be no more lockdowns. It really was a week of books and chill, and that was only when I managed to stay awake or not lose concentration. Having chocolate for breakfast was really a this is the life kind of moment. I can always trust chocolate to make me feel good.

Every time I gazed at my phone and looked at the digits displayed on the screen, I couldn’t fathom how slowly the minutes were passing by. One minute really did feel like five. In some ways this was good; it gave me more time to read, be present, rest and taught me a lesson to not look at the time, at all. Why did I need to know what time it was? I had nowhere to go and YouTube doesn’t have a programme schedule. As I spent the days ignoring the time, I kept myself busy by rearranging (the non-furniture) parts of my room, organising my drawers and minusing the clutter. Seeing some order in my room every time I woke up from a nap really did make me like a boss-lady.

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