Healing through books

Over the past few days, I managed to finish one book by Dr Joe Dispenza and start a new one. I’m more than a quarter way through You Are The Placebo and intrigued by everything that’s written within the first three chapters. Just as he does in the book, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. He references science, spirituality and uses real-life stories. Once again he’s caught my full attention and has me working on my straggling thoughts. Oh, I see them in action more clearly now. 

This is the self-help book that will sit on all the various bookshelves and book tables that I’ll own over the coming years and will be picked up, again and again, to be reread. I’ll return back to the pages and memorise the paragraphs that do my thoughts the most good, especially on those days when I need a positive boost.

In full detail and with snippets of examples Dr Dispenza talks about our automatic habits and how our thoughts are based on past experiences. I began to understand to change my future I need to rewire my thoughts and stop predictably reliving the past. I for one know very well that some of my thoughts are from yesterday and am working on keeping them where they belong, in the past. There are a lot of scientific terminologies dotted throughout the pages. Some lines need to be reread to fully be understood. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pronounce the long fancy words right and have truncated them. And if asked I will not read them out loud, ever.

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