Mood for the end of the year

It’s the time for reflections and optimism. The period between Christmas Day and New Nears when bare chocolate wrappers take over the maximum capacity of the bin and you’re left wondering when’s best to start the summer diet. The past twelve months project themselves in your mind. You look forward to start crossing out 21 and replacing it with 22. 

As I mindfully get ready to avoid writing 21 every time I add the date to a document, there are so many other things I will be putting a line through, making the conscious effort of not writing the stuck-on-pause negativity into my present. 

With this mind-strengthening year, I’m saying goodbye not only to a date (number) that I’ll never be using again for the same context but to everything I wrote down in my ‘let it out’ journal, the negative experiences that ruled my thoughts, the down phases, the over-thinking and forgetfulness of my self-worth. I say goodbye to the person I was yesterday.

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