Positive affirmations for a very happy new year

Happy New Year!

I blinked and just like that two years passed by. 

Oh wait, I really should have written this post yesterday. Hearing all the fireworks excitement from neighbours, I got a little distracted. I watched the skylight up in neon colours from my bedroom window, I must say this was the best view.

Sticking with last year’s notion, I once again will not be writing a New Years resolution or a word of the year. No more unkept promises to make me feel guilty by May for not keeping half of what’s on my overly spontaneous list. Long-term goals have become a thing of yesterday. I learnt a while ago that plans and I just don’t go. I’ve seen fate put a spanner on them too many times.

The script this year is being edited daily. Picking gratitude journaling and affirmations to keep me moving forward with each changing date. Some affirmations may vary as time goes on to suit the current life situation. To allow me to work on and tackle the down days by writing down their causes in two variations, one what’s making me feel down and two thinking of the positive opposite to the situations and turning them into an affirmation.

Affirmations are positive words that are frequently repeated to one-self so that they may run freely through our conscious mind and reframe the limiting beliefs the subconscious mind holds. They help to rewire the neural pathways of the brain and to reprogramme our thoughts. Giving our mindset a much-needed boost. Positivity over negativity.

Affirmations are to be written in present tense. Instead of saying “I want to travel” I will write as though I’ve already achieved my goal, I will say “I am travelling to (add destination of choice)”. This helps to have a more powerful impact on your mind. But of course, the affirmations need to be realistic.

Consistency is key, it takes over 50 days for our brain to create new neural pathways. Once the affirmation becomes a part of our subconscious mind, we become more optimistic about getting positive results and therefore are more confident to go after them. Here’s to creating positive habits.

I’ve jotted down a few affirmations I’ve learnt from Leeor Alexandra. Check out her YouTube channel. She has plenty of videos on affirmations to suit specific needs.

  • I am attracting an abundance of wealth.
  • I am an energetic magnet to all the I desire
  • All the resources that I need are being provided to me
  • I have access to the limitless supply of the universe
  • Everything is happening for me
  • I am receiving all that I desire now
  • I have more that enough
  • I am a magnet to blessings and miracle
  • Success is flowing through me and to me
  • I am achieving my goals effortlessly

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