Back to some normality again

Is it me or does January feel just that little bit different this year? It’s the first January I’ve looked forward to since the Spring of 2020. One that I’ve asked Elixr numerous times to fast forward to. On the plus side over the past two years, a lot has been going on the digital front, manifestations and affirmations have grown by popular demand. With the majority of social media audiences looking at mindfulness for contentment. I am all for it.

For a hot minute, the weather suddenly spruced up enough for me to ditch the scarf and get away with not constantly wearing gloves. After ten days of self-isolation during the peak of winter, I didn’t miss much apart from the transition betwixt Christmas and New Year’s, turkey and turkey leftover sandwiches.

Returning to some sort of normality. It all began with setting my alarm for 6am. Somehow my body clock, which had been waking me up at 5am over the span of two weeks, suddenly wanted to make up for the extremely early risings and chose to be difficult at the sound of my alarm. 

Being back at work on a Monday morning felt great. Despite being known as the bluest day of the week. The first hour was 10% collecting my barings, 30% wishing everyone a happy new year, 30% being welcomed back and 30% telling everyone about my symptoms.

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