Brown is my new black

It had been a short while since I last visited the Next website. After the sale period was over the novelty of shopping left my mind. Ill in bed, I needed time to recuperate and then to look over all my sale purchases and pile up the keeps and givebacks. Many still remain in their packaging, many that I look forward to wearing out. I still haven’t let go of the comfy life, having spent ten days in self-isolation.

Today I returned to the Next site, a habitual hobby that is almost done every other week, whether I’m planning to buy or not, I just like to see what’s new. Unlike every other leaf through, I didn’t filter the search with specific preferences. Instead, I let every colour appear on the grid. To my own surprise, I was only interested in everything brown. A shock to the system, this isn’t a colour I tend to opt for, however, I’m all for trying something new.

A brown/ berry top caught my eye, I can’t say the same for any other colour. I’d stop scrolling each time to get a better look at the enlarged images and liked what I saw. Deep dark chocolate in satin, I was all for it. Despite all the editing that may have gone on behind the scenes, The gleam of the material gives the colour a two-tone effect. Move over black there’s a new shade on the block (this is only a temporary shift). 

I am fashionably late to the trend table. Brown attires were embracing the runways and making more appearances on magazine shoots in the spring of 2021. Given the inclination towards minimalism and nature (and all the sweet relief the outdoors brought during the hourly walks last year). Months on and brown is still appearing with the “new in” collection. I’m glad it is as I almost missed it.

Looking at the history of the colour, over the course of two years brown has gone from zero to a hundred. The dark earthy hue really had its work cut out next to shades like black, navy and grey that have always been the mood boards favourite. However, after years of sitting quietly in the back row, patience really did pay off. Good things come to those who wait. Brown is making a major comeback with chiffon outfits that really bring the lustre out. 

A Little mocha for the wardrobe.

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