I’ll always find time for a good book

The days off from work seem to have elongated by half. 24 hours no longer feel the same, especially when my body clock has me up before 9am. I feel guilty for resting or procrastinating past one o’clock. My day needs some form of order or routine attached to it. A walk if anything. I reckon I’ll be praising nature and walking for a long time to come.

It’s a new year with new books. I’m currently reading a book on manifesting called E-Square Nine More Energy Experiments by Pam Grout. It’s an easy book to read and at the speed I’m reading, I’ll be doing the first experiment before I finish editing this blog. There have been many moments throughout the first half of the book where I kept saying to myself “wow, that’s inspirational, I need to share that on the blog if I remember it”.

Reading is one of my best hobbies by far. I’ll always find ways to carve out some time for it, especially in the middle of a busy day, that takes some skill right. I love taking arrays of books out of their carrier bag, stacking them up waiting in line to be read or unboxing them from internet orders. The smell of a new unopened book (knowing it’s mine), feeling the crisp textured paper between my fingers as I follow each typed line and turn the pages one by one to escape further into the details of each upcoming chapter. Without having to move an inch from my chair (apart from picking up my cup of hot chocolate) the words haul me to new places and teach me new things. 

With a book in my hands is how I like to wind down and relax, on a quiet Sunday or in the evenings. Peace and clarity are a feeling that I crave. Calmness is my forever priority. Right now  I’d love to be in the garden reading, however, with the current chilly weather that’s not possible. So I’ve chosen to sit by the largest window in the house, to get as much natural light and look outside every so often. My phone is completely out of sight.

Here it is in the first experiment I am to wake up with an elevated mood and myself “today is an amazing day”. I can do that.

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