The start of my new drawing portfolio, single-line drawing 

A few months ago my computer of ten years broke down. Just like that one morning, it stopped working. No matter how many times or how hard I pressed the power button it just would not switch on. I called Dell in the hope they may be able to fix it. But in between this last decade or so, things had upgraded, new desktops were not built in smaller dimensions. The same computer or parts were no longer available. I also took the computer to my local repair shop, again to no avail. Taking out my hard drive. I sent the computer back to Dell as they have a recycling process. I didn’t want to dump a perfectly solid computer into the bin when it could still be broken down and be reused. 

Now with my new computer and Photoshop up and running, I’m ready to get creative again. Bringing art back to the forefront of my blog (and social media). Putting intricate mandala drawings to the side. I’ve opted for minimalism as my current art project with single-line drawings. Sounds and looks simple, but in true essence, it’s quite the challenge. The moment the tip of my (digital) pen touches the sheet, I can’t let go until the drawing is complete, i.e the pen will not be lifted. The lines will go back and forth, stop momentarily, double and overlap each other, but will not break the continuation. 

Here’s to the first of my unbroken line art, that’s curved, crooked, bent and with a lot of concentration.

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