Begin where you are

Sit back, pick up that hot brew, relax and let those positive thoughts do their thing. I’ll take that. I’m somewhat beginning all over again with my art. After a hiatus that lasted almost one year, my creative side is back, picking up where I left off with single-line drawings. Excited to open up Photoshop once again, I have so many ideas wildly running through my mind all at one go, I’m not sure I’ll remember to draw them all.

Alongside art, “begin where you are” is now my daily motto, to start each day fresh, with a clear mind and to let go of yesterday’s baggage, as they are way over the luggage limit, even hand-luggage is not permitted unless it’s a positive dose of laughter and one that will have me laughing to myself. If I’m not laughing or smiling then I’m over it, that whole worrying about something that is out of my hands just doesn’t brew with my energy anymore. I only have a ticket for one on this journey.

I’ve dedicated plenty of hours to reading one self-help book after another to let their teachings go to waste. As a part of the first experiment from the book E-Squared by Pam Grout, which I mentioned yesterday, I’m beginning each morning with a “today’s going to be amazing” attitude. I have one more day of this experiment to go as it was set for 72 hours. But as I’m terrible at saying goodbye to something that’s worth holding on to, I think I’ll change the rules just that little bit and extend the time period to forever. The new morning affirmation “today’s going to be amazing” is here to stay.

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