How many journals does one person need?

With a sigh, I set down my new journal Secrets of Divine Love by A.Helwa, which had arrived from Amazon a day earlier than expected. I love it when that happens. The expected arrival date was Thursday, but by midday Wednesday, not having checked my outlook account in the morning, I saw two new emails from Amazon, the first email informed me that my purchase will be delivered today (Wednesday) and the second email that had been sent just a few hours after the first, notified me my parcel location. It had been delivered. dropped in through the post box. I ran down to the front door to check and lo and behold there it was my thin cardboard parcel. I picked it up and went back to my room ripping off the seal along the way. No, this could not wait, no grand-finale unboxing. By the time I entered my bedroom, the journal was unwrapped and in my hands.

In pristine condition, I set my new journal down on my desk and began leafing through the pages. It’s a guided, thought-provoking journal with questions that stopped me in my mindful tracks and really had me think hard about what I wanted to put on the pages (in my neatest handwriting). I certainly don’t want to write anything negative in ink. My thoughts are doing a complete 360 at the end of each question with a “think carefully before you write” even if it is a six worded sentence. As I’ve learnt every word and thought counts. I think I should get a pencil for this

I first learnt about A Helwa through Instagram just a little over a year ago. Her name kept popping up on my feed through other accounts that I follow. They had just recently bought her book Secrets of Divine Love and were unboxing or writing short captioned reviews. I of course a fan of all self-love books had to get my very own copy and see what all the love was about. I purchased mine from Waterstones and got reading as soon as it had arrived, as we were in the middle of the second (UK) lockdown. 

Fast forward to today here I am with the journal and a pen resting beside it. I’ve already read the introduction and completed the first two pages of questions. I’m that keen. The journal is to help me reflect and reflex on my faith muscles with a spiritual approach. My sole purpose is to exercise my thoughts and pump endorphins into them. To transform the blues into yellow sticky note reminders full of prompts that stop me in my thoughtful tracks. Every time I look at the journal and everything else within my reach I want to say a mini prayer of gratitude, like a continuous reminder to be thankful for all that I have.

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