There’s no time like the present to start scripting

I see a trend coming on and it begins with journaling. What can I say? It seems to be a January thing. Resolutions and gym memberships are always on a high rise during the first month of the year, maybe due to the whole “this will be my year” hopefulness. I’m one who used to say that until I learnt the value and power of thoughts, now let me rephrase that sentence “this is my year”. 

There was once a time I liked watching makeup videos, I never owned the same cosmetics that were being used, never had the same eye shape, the chosen colours didn’t suit me and when they did my attempts were nothing compared to the smokey brown eye makeup tutorials. The phases I’ve been through, ey. I’m now in the middle of a scripting (law of attraction) marathon. Some of the videos are reruns, others are completely new to me, I’ll view them all with the same keenness as though I’m learning from scratch or like I’m rewatching a repeated episode of Friends (that will never go old). 

The recent scripting video I watched was filmed live a year ago. Life by Lucie invited viewers to script with her. A little fashionably late to the table, with my pen and pad, I sat through the hour-long video (elongated it with all the pausing) and scripted my current desires. 

Scripting, like gratitude journaling, is to be written in the same manner as being grateful, appreciative and focusing on all the positive things in your life. The twist, you’re not writing about what you have, instead, you’re jotting down your manifesting desires as if they have already materialised into your world. The rule (not a strict one) is to write in detail, be as visually descriptive as possible and use affirmations along the way. In a nutshell, it’s like I’m writing a short fictional story about my day. To visualise it, feel it, believe it, look away from my book and receive it (ok maybe not that fast). 

I watched the scripting video during the early half of the afternoon and felt the morning would be the best time for me to script. Another grand gesture for the morning routine. Like waking up to an affirmation, this really sets the tone for a positive attitude to the day.

My scripting includes enjoying my morning hot chocolate and having a peaceful commute to work.

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