Colours to wear for an uplifted mood

Bright colours are slowly but gradually making their sweet way back into my closet. I welcome all the radiance they have to offer with open arms. The newest colour on my radar is yellow. I can’t remember the last time I wore this shade, as I rarely considered buying or wearing anything apart from black and beige. I reckon the big change will be quite the challenge, but I can pull it off. Every time I open my cupboard doors I love seeing lines of bright hues sticking out in between all the dark tones. Is this really the same wardrobe that once only consisted of never-ending neutrals and monochromes.

I woke up this morning desiring a change. It all happened after I pulled out a navy blue skirt and a brand new black top I hadn’t worn before. I willfully combined the two not thinking about how well they will pair with each other. Once I was ready I looked at my full-length mirror to do a complete head-to-toe outfit check, it felt like something was missing, my outfit lacked colour and lots of it. Most of all it didn’t match my mood.

Scanning through the Next website for blouse inspiration, I instantly was more inclined to their new season’s shade, yellow. Yellow is somewhat of a generous shade, the right tone smiles back at you. I now regrettably say this, I avoided wearing the colour. Never had that confidence too, its the same old story I didn’t want to draw attention towards myself. But looking at it now all I see is cheerfulness radiating on the outside. There is no denying the effortless energy that’s emitted from colour alone and how it differs between the various shades.

Tomorrow and with the next sale haul, I intend to imitate highlighter pens and sweep colour right across my wardrobe. Picking a different shade to wear aside from black and beige to dress myself happy. Hauling out a yellow top to illuminate the day, just because, well, why not. 

I quietly conducted a mini-survey in Costa Coffee to see what colours other occupants were wearing. With a long gaze scouring the room, I saw the shades were all twinning my monochromatic grayscale. Despite the bright lighting and homely interior, the room looked as drab as it was outside. If a girl in a yellow sundress entered the coffee shop in the middle of my observation, the contrast would have been like a sunny day injected into the middle of dreary winter. I was at the time hoping someone in a bright tone walked in, just to feel my own in the moment emotion to the colour.

Colours to wear for an uplifted mood; orange (happiness, enthusiasm and energy), yellow (brightness, joy and warmth), light-green (grounded and renewed), light-blue (calmness and comfort), pink (playful and kindness).

2 thoughts on “Colours to wear for an uplifted mood

  1. I used to hate color. I felt uncomfortable. I felt like it brought to much attention to myself. As I’ve come to feel more confident in myself, I’ve been drawn to adding more color to my wardrobe! If my younger self could see my closet now, I don’t know if she would be in awe or cringe at all the color I have, aha! I just know I feel much better knowing that I feel more comfortable in my body, and wearing what I like (regardless of whether it brings attention to myself or not!) xx

    Melina |

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    1. Same here, the older I get the more confident Ive become regardless of all the attention it brings. And not caring makes me feel so much better. I’m happy to be in colours that make me feel joy….

      so true if my younger self saw me now, shed be like wow who are you lol

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