Receiving outfits compliments from strangers

All that talk about colour has got me into a colourful mood. This morning I made an effort to dress up ever so slightly. Nine hours of my day was going to be spent at work and pairing that off with two hours on public transport. The dress code for work is smart and mainly black, but under the elegant code, I can pull off wearing a different hue with a touch of chic trimness. Feeling cheerful I decided that was more than enough an excuse to don something bright-ish.

On a whim, I bought two of the same (midi-length) skirts from Next during their 2020 summer sale for £10 each, how could I possibly refuse such a bargain. At the time with nowhere to go, there was no way I could say no to the items in my basket, my justification was the amazing discount and I’ll wear them when I’m legally allowed out. One skirt of course is typically black while the other is burnt orange. As you can guess I opted for the later shade to match my inner smile.

What happened later on in the day caught me by surprise. Unexpectedly I was approached by a girl who quietly asked me where my skirt was from. “Oh” being my first response brought out a laugh from both of us. She said the colour was nice and liked the look of the skirt. I instantly told her this little item was from Next and with girls praising girls vibe added Next has great bargains and their quality is great. The five-year-old in me wanted to twirl around in all her glee.

I was not expecting that. Receiving such a compliment after speaking about wearing bright colours has really put a bounce of confidence in my step. The smallest compliment, whatever it may be, can really go a long way with boosting one’s mood. That being said, it’s not just the receiver who feels a positive influence, acts of kindness can be felt by the giver, happily satisfying both parties.

Even when I’m dressed down, I want to dress up.

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