Time for a January reflection

Gradually approaching the end of January, I wish to part this month with full confidence and welcome February with complete optimism. Self-reflection is at the core of my thoughts, as it is at the end of each year. I lost count of the amount of times I hit the refresh button during the past month. I did so when it was needed and partly on the whim because I knew I could. For the very first time in a decade (I’m just picking numbers here) I can say I liked January (2022). It was a pleasure to feel the stretched month and enjoy it, for once those extra 73 days worked remarkably well for me. They gave me time to rethink and reflect, look back at my choices and enjoy my happiest moments.

I’m in no hurry to reach mid-year, just yet. No more blinking and I’ve jumped a season or two. Thanks to all the journaling I’ve slowed down to meet the seconds in each minute. There’s just too much optimism to write about and way too many goals to plan. I brought more journals this month to add to my already existing pile of notebooks that are also used for journaling. Looking at my collection, those books have seen scribbles of rants written in a hurry, not caring about the letters not being in line, they’ve seen worries do a 360 and my never-ending gratitude for everything life has given keeps growing. Turning the page to begin a new chapter, I appreciate more now than I’ve ever done before. I’ve stopped stressing over things outside of me or out of my hands. Those uneasy doubts are never right. Writing it out and letting it go has become my best friend.

Writing short daily goals to keep my personal blog and art in check has been on the top tier of my agenda since I started journaling. The post I’m currently editing is one of those goals. I do this in comparison to and a replacement of weekly, monthly and yearly planning. I never know how to reply to questions like “where do you see yourself in five years?”. I see myself in too many places, with awards under my belt, clients listed under each letter of the alphabet and a million posts to my name. I could continue listing it all out but we’d be here forever reading about my over visualised around the world trip, countries I’d like to visit and cities I’d like to stay in. 

My daily goal planner looks a little more like a to-do list with no deadline to keep me in check of where I am, what I’ve done and how much I can take on. Not having time limitations feels so much better, there’s no pressure or self-judgement especially when I can’t or don’t complete something in the said time.

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