It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me

Welcoming February I look back at 2021 from a safe distance with 32 days standing firmly between us. The year passed by in a blur, like 365 days squeezed into a 60-second clip. I spent the first quarter looking forward to being out of lockdown and the rest hoping there wasn’t another one. Those thoughts are now shadows and remain buried in 2021. What I’ve carried over is my appreciation for walks and journaling. 

I reckon the next coming months will dawn on pragmatism, catering for all areas of life. I’m determined with all my positive mite to ensure that the pragmatism doesn’t come and go as a must-have limited edition piece with only five available and stays well and truly over any time limit. The 360 I’ve done on my outfit choices really proves my bold move of stepping out of my comfort zone and renewing my thoughts, however, this is a continuous work in progress.

To begin the new month with a clean slate, it was essential for me to step into February with a calm but confident notion. I trod carefully over the uneven, cobbled ground of uncertainty that life has to offer. One odd stone, in particular, had a sharp facade, getting closer I didn’t see the fine tip protruding out and stepped on the pointiest part. My old thoughts were there looming in the background ready to overthink and overthink is what they did. I soon felt guilty over those irksome intruders, rubbing away the soreness, I walked on with my mind still in the past thinking about that one obstacle that lay inconveniently in my path and mostly my reaction towards it. That little snag was there for a reason and that was to train me to grow stronger, recognise my shortcomings and learn to work on them accordingly.

4 thoughts on “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me

  1. I too had a recent setback. I am learning those are a necessary aspect of true growth. Good to be only a witness if only for a moment of our own devices. Self-awareness is an avenue for inspiration. Thanks for sharing 😉

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