Putting a much-needed stop to limiting beliefs

Hold on a second let me put this load down. I need to lighten the weight of my shoulders, I’m dropping pounds of negativity by the second. I was recently sent a two-hour video of soothing meditation music on YouTube and listened to the relaxing sound for an hour, feeling complete calmness during and straight after I opened my eyes. My mind needed that peaceful exposure.

On the road to inner peace, I’m rewinding my subconscious thoughts and editing out all the negative words that I have heard and later believed about myself. It’s taking a long time but I have years of gibberish to get through. Patience is a virtue. No more overthinking at any of my mind chatter’s negative requests. 

Diving straight into mind burnout aka limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs at times are hard to recognise, they come in many disguises, some pretending to be well-wishers. Working on myself, in the past, I never recognised the “that’s not right for you” or “you can’t do that” chatter as a part of negative self-talk. I just agreed without question or any of the “but what if I can do it”. The mask lifted as soon as I had realised these thoughts were serving no purpose for me and were meddling with my goals and daily routine. Things needed to change of course, but first I had to get to the bottom of it all and identify where all the negativity was coming from and what my self-limiting beliefs were. 

Some pen digging revealed the harsh reality. Writing my thoughts down and looking back over my words were shocking to me at first. The things I said to myself, I would never say to anyone else, so why on God’s earth was I saying this ish to myself. I tapped into the roots, looked within and outside of myself to find patterns, habits and sources. To unlearn all that I knew, I modified my lifestyle. Walking out and away from environments and people who put doubt into my head or introduced me to new negativities. Meditated, spoke to like-minded people, read self-help books, watched motivational videos and listened to podcasts to help develop new positive beliefs. The changes were greatly noticed when I had fewer negative thoughts to pen and more affirmations and manifestations to fill the sheet of paper. The way I perceive life now is completely different to how I used to some years ago.

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