Welcome to the wide-side, with wide-leg trousers

Falling into the wide side. I’m currently liking trousers with flare and a lot more fabric on them. They’re the closest thing to skirts and on the plus side have pockets. 

All jeans aside, flared trousers have become my everyday go-to. Dressed up with heels and casualised with trainers. A simple day to night transition. I’m building up a small collection. With those ‘there are two types of people’ memes I fall into the one, where if I like something I’ll buy it in every colour or every style. 

Whenever I open my closet door I reach for wide-leg trousers to wear at work. Every time I have worn them on the odd occasion I have received compliments. So I thought I could get used to this, why not wear them more often. Through these sweet praises from other women (girls supporting girls) I am really learning more about my style, what suits me and my figure best and becoming more confident in wearing bold colours. Dressing up is funner than ever, I can also thank lockdown for this.

Most of my trousers come from either Next or Gap. Gap is still online and is making a brick and mortar comeback on Oxford Street, London. Throughout my fashion blog posts, I have mentioned Next over and over again. Not only do I like their sales but also their sizing. Their trousers fit me perfectly without sweeping the floor. Being 5 foot 2, trouser shopping used to be very daunting, they hardly ever ended well. I had searched high and low for a high street brand that delivered the best range of petite clothes. My personal tailor aka my mum always had to alter my trousers. A skill I should have learnt in my teens. The alterations came to a halt when a sales assistant at Next came to the rescue and answered all my pocket-size questions. She simply asked if I had searched their petite collection and pointed me in the direction of a number of railings with the word petite boldly written above them. 

The sleek, repetition of wide-leg trousers in different textures, materials and colours are giving me 70s vibes and Saturday night fever. They effortlessly fit my it’s-all-about-comfort ethos. 

Sharing my current favourites from Next’s petite collection

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