Capsulising my wardrobe for spring

My time spent on Instagram has grown by the minute, more than I’d like to admit. Every time I forcefully glance at the time on the top right-hand corner of my phone, I’m wowed by my own procrastination. One reel is massed with another and before I know it I’ve scrolled down for miles. However, that endless downward spiral is met with continuous laughter. Some of the videos really do make my day. When I’m not laughing at short clips that remind me of ‘You’ve Been Framed’ (the 90s version), I’m searching for mobile photography and grid inspiration. I’m really liking those everyday, minimalist, pictures. The images are conceptual, classic and clean, but when laid out and viewed collectively they look aesthetically great.

Another trend that I have caught sight of and double-tapping on Instagram is the minimal capsule, less is more wardrobe styles. After years of unfollowing influencers, I’ve only recently begun to hit the follow button on a few fashionistas’ profiles purely for their closet inspiration. I have now found myself searching online and in-store for more basic items. My current staple favourites are wide-leg trousers and plain polo necks. I love pairing the duos together, as I find them very flattering. Without breaking my budget I get my polo necks in different colours from H&M or Next. 

The style is versatile and can effortlessly be modified to suit different seasons. I’ll simply switch the polo necks for short sleeve tops, fitted or loose and alternate between trousers and skirts. Wearing one plain item and fuse it with something colourful and or printed. A touch of glimmer and a few accessories can edit any outfit: a belt, a bag and a fine piece of jewellery are all that’s needed to elevate the look.

Finding pieces that suit my body and complement my personal style are more important to me than the latest trends. I’m sitting here rummaging through last season’s sales. Fashionably late to any up and coming trend. 

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