Growing the confidence to be seen

There is never a dull moment in life, apart from when someone says there’s nothing to watch on t.v. The search with the remote is endless, constantly flicking right and left through programme suggestions, until the favourites bar mentions a rerun of Friends or the Big Bang theory. 

Life has transformed me and introduced me to new ways of indulging in self-care and I can’t thank it enough. My current spark is journaling and dressing up with confidence, even with nowhere to go. My relationship with confidence has quite a wavered history. But here I am making mends and rekindling the love. No more swaying between two extremes. I’ve found the perfect dress exists in Disney cartoons and is worn in front of my bedroom mirror whilst I utter and think the words you look great in that.

Every time I compliment my colleagues who all wear amazing outfits to work, I inwardly say to myself “wow I wish I had the confidence to wear bold prints too”. Being in an artistic environment and surrounded by creatives, I’m continuously seeing new fashion inventions tops, dresses and skirts all made by hand and worn the very next day. 

Speaking to my manager I showed her a picture of my latest purchase from Next (sale). A green pleated skirt from Next’s collaboration with Morris & Co. She liked the skirt, which was a much-needed approval and said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear anything printed”. I told her “I can’t remember the last time I wore anything that wasn’t plain”, ” so I’m building up my confidence to wear it to work”. She advised me to pair the skirt with a plain black top until I get used to wearing it out and then switch to another shade.

As I get used to stepping away from wearing colours that are tuned down or keep me in the shadows. My confidence in being seen in any crowd is slowly growing. What matters most is my sense of self-worth and everything that’s within. Self-confidence isn’t bought, it’s built.

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