Pressing pause on Wednesday

Before Easter arrives let me press pause for just a short moment. Carve out some time to enjoy the last few days of the shortest month of the year. In less than a week, March with hopes of sunny spring is about to grace the scope. Fingers crossed for a little incalescent. 

Three storms late last week had me wishing I had chosen to stay indoors as I struggled to walk down my road to the bus stop. The wind wasn’t working with me at all. Instead, it was blowing in full force in my direction, bringing me to a complete standstill. There was no use trying to fight through something that had greater power than me. I shared a giggle with a girl who also stopped walking due to the gust of heavy wind. I said to her “I can’t walk”, she replied, “me neither”. We both told each other to be careful and were soon on our slow way. I love encounters like this with kind strangers.

And, so today I stuck to the midweek boring notion, I had no desire to leave the house and battle the cold with a flu-jabbed (aching) arm. Instead, I took it easy, put my feet up, spent the day productively planning and enjoyed a midday nap, running to my blanket for some warm and cosy cover. The afternoon shut-eye grew to two hours (an hour longer than expected), the struggle to wake up had me wondering if this could be what I call the best sleep?

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