Productive Thursday waking up at 5am

The rest lasted a day. It was back to being productive again. Unable to sleep with too much on my mind I rose at 5am ready to begin a new day. With that one move, I joined the 1% club. Whilst feeling frustrated at the early rise, I reminded myself of the people who were also awake at this time. I looked out the window at the dark horizon. Noting the silhouette of trees, as their branches danced to the rhythm of the wind.

Before the red lines started intermixing with blue, I got out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom, making a small stop to switch on my computer, to power it up ready for my return. What I achieved in the hours of sunrise I probably would have procrastinated over had I woken up at a later, normal time. I guess I can’t complain. 

Working on my new adventure, there was a moment when stress briefly took over. I fell into old (limiting-belief) ways, telling myself “I can’t achieve what I want and it will take too long, may as well give up now). Breaking out of the habit of being my old me, will take time, it’s a skill that requires practice and patience. And, so I erased those thoughts as fast as they came. Grateful to have recognised them, I didn’t put them down, merely just turned them away, by countering each one of them with a personalised affirmation. Slow is good, I told myself, it’s quality over quantity, why rush something you enjoy. Excited once again, I created a new Instagram page for my latest project. While I work on neoteric ideas I’ll just upload them as I go along. There’s a hashtag out there for everything. Just look at the stats.

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