In search of inspiration at the Tate Modern

It was a bright morning, looking out at the garden with the heating on, I dared not to open the window, especially how warm and cosy my room felt. I watched my neighbourhood cat walk through our backyard and jump over the fence into the next garden, of he went, I wondered what adventure he must be on that kept him moving. 

Stepping away from the window I had an adventure of my own to see me through the day. In the pursuit of inspiration for my new muse. I picked up my camera and booked a timed ticket for the Tate Modern. The number of times I visit the old power station in a month is uncountable. Only because I lose count by the third week. Was that 4 visits or 5, I really can’t say. We’ll try again next month. 

Regardless of all the roaming through the spacious, elegant galleries and my footsteps echoing through the vaulted rooms, I invariably discover something new on the familiar walls. The same paintings change upon every visit. What I espy today I didn’t catch a glimpse of during the first few viewings.

In-room 12 I stood next to a glass case. I peered down at the contents within. During the first visits, I never paid much attention to the short captions until today. The displays are four printouts of letters laid out casually in a creative arrangement. The artwork style is called ‘Typoem’ or ‘Typoetry’ (of course I did a mini Google search on this term when I got home); they’re a selection of print experiments on the shapes of lower-case and upper-case letters. A jar of alphabets shaken and poured out onto new media paper.

Inspired, I took pictures of each printout.

2 thoughts on “In search of inspiration at the Tate Modern

  1. I like when they change things around. But not too soon. I always like to see a couple of my favourites hanging in the same place. Thanks for sharing.

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