Dispersing my limiting beliefs as I chase my dreams

My new venture is keeping me on my toes chasing after a rosy dream. Before all that was there was a bright vision. For a long while, I saw the dream in my mind but had no idea how to reach It. If only I could grab the tallest ladder to the lowest cloud or walk over the roofs like Mary Poppins. My goals and motivation were all there on the frontline, as were my limiting beliefs. I took the time out to challenge my limiting beliefs one by one. Once I knew what they were and learned to change my self-expression, through the use of simple phrases, the path became clearer. This all came to shape by the end of February. A month that I will look back on and remember for the rest of my life. In this month alone I surpassed an array of what may seem like small wins, however, for me they were mighty personal transformations and victories. I’m so humbly proud and grateful, I could dance the night away, oh but wait I’ve already done that. I went straight from “I can’t do it” directly to “I will do it” and “I did it”. Language is key. The shift in words shaped my inner worth and self-love in a finer way. My self-worth soon began to show on the outside, as my confidence poured out through bold colours and prints into various corners of my life. My life is now full of colour. So much so that I can barely carry it, but I won’t complain about how heavy happiness feels, instead I sprinkle a little colour wherever I go.

Here’s to my new content/ branding project. Everything was created from scratch using Photoshop.

2 thoughts on “Dispersing my limiting beliefs as I chase my dreams

  1. I LOVE IT!! Great job! I too am having to challenge limiting beliefs on my way to achieve a new goal so hearing this helps keep me motivated. Thanks for sharing your wins no matter how big or small they are 🤗

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