Patiently waiting for Spring

It’s been a few hot minutes since I last sat down to write a blog post that surpasses three hundred words and I’ve really missed putting pen to paper or I should say fingers to the keys. I’ve spent more screen time on Photoshop creating a new portfolio than on Google Docs.

One week into March and I’m patiently waiting for winter to not so slowly transition into spring. The hope here is for a big leap on the weather report, single numbers one day and turning into double digits overnight. I told my cousin the other day that despite living here in the UK all my life, I still haven’t gotten used to the cold as I stood there shivering. It’s a must for me to carry tissues in my pocket, she understands that assignment, there’s no stopping the dripping nose apart from the sun and all its warm glory. With the sun shining bright enough today I braced the strong wind headed out to the canal. I had been looking forward to this day. The canal was rather empty apart from a few passersby’s jogging, strolling or dog walking by. I was spoilt for choices of places to sit and chose to find a spot that had no sign of shade anywhere near it. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my back was the finest feeling of Spring I have missed all these months.

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