I see the trees blossoming

The mini previews of warm weather have gotten me excited for blossoming spring. I’m counting down those days until the Northern Hemisphere fully welcomes the new season. Please let there be warmth for the next nine months or more. I need a full winter recovery program in place and it will take three seasons of sunshine to get the job done unless I plan a trip to sunny California this winter.

Spring is a gratifying time for me, I get to spend my free days or hours sitting by the canal, watching the water move smoothly with the current. I have an open book in my lap and my imagination to keep me occupied. The longer and brighter days are an inspiring addition to the sunnier mornings and lighter evenings. I get the luxury of watching the sunset at reasonable hours, aside from 4pm and without shivering.

The first outerwear item to be ditched were my gloves, I was ready to bare the soft skin or my hands to make way for a light tan. I’ve now hung up my oversized coat that I lived in for four long months and have reached for my capes and scarves to wrap around my slender shoulders. This evidently is my favourite time of the year. As I continue to gradually lighten the load of layers worn, my gym membership will see a rise in my attendant stats while my local corner shop will see a decrease in footfall from me. Sugar will be limited to flat-stomach, hot-girl-summer, in the weight of pinches and crumbs or hopefully completely sugar-free. I spoke to a friend about restarting the spring sugar-free glow-ie (Khloe + glow up but Khloe K style). It all starts today, inspired I’m saying no to cake (for now).

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