Enjoying life through mini triumphs

I can’t quite believe how fast the year is going even though I secretly wish some days would elapse quicker than others. There have been moments where I would’ve liked to press the fast forward button a few times to speed things up by x8. It’s the days when I feel blue, the coldest colour on the wheel chart. Put my phone on flight mode and try to ignore the clock, avoiding watching the hands move slowly as the minute’s tick by. My question to everyone reading my random rambling is what do you do to unwind when all you want is for the time to stop skipping leisurely and start running Usain Bolt style.

Lately, I’ve been busy working up a creative sweat on Instagram. On the surface, it all looks neat within the 3 by 3 squares. However, under the surface, my drawing board tells a completely different story. The narrations are not as tidy as what’s seen on my new Insta account. This is how life offline looks. Real-life is tending to the endless chaos that can’t wait till tomorrow to get something amazing-full (in my eyes) into a tiny box, that is viewed hopefully by thousands. The clutter outside the square, that is rarely shared are mini triumphs. Those small joys are what make life great or what it is. I count each victory. Hoping to share snippets of them here, as I relish in the effort. 

I found a couple of accounts on Instagram, that share weekly briefs for small, local brands. It’s a great way for me to step out of my comfort zone to work on new projects and explore different techniques. I’ve so far completed one brief and am currently working on my way through the second one. To get my ideas on paper, I really am pulling no stops, drawing things that are a complete challenge for me.

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